Leadership Mandate Program The Art of becoming a better Centre Director

  • Vinnova Leadership Mandate Program

    This book portrays the tailor-made process specifically designed by Sharing Insight for Vinnova.

    The book is derived from an invitation issued by VINNOVA to leaders of strong research and innovation environments to attend a Leadership Mandate Programme, originally called Uppdrag Ledare. The invitation targeted the centre directors at VINN Excellence Centre, Berzelii Centra, Institute Excellence Centres – all long-term programmes granted research funding from VINNOVA – as well as directors from a variety of centres with other financial sources. The Programme extended over a period of one and a half years, with the participants meeting on a regular basis for joint reflections and mutual exchange of their experiences regarding the various topics addressed during the course of the six two-day workshops.

    The book is intended as a multi-purpose resource with the first objective being to provide the participants of the Leadership Mandate Programme with feedback to refresh their memory. Another objective is that the book should serve as a source of inspiration to those who have not actually participated in the Programme. What is centre leadership really about and what are the key issues a centre director needs to consider? What situations could a centre director expect to encounter, and what are the skills required to manage them?

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